Monday, December 12, 2011

month four.

Month Four = officially 1/3 of the way through JVC.  Because I'm really tired, and this is already a day later, I'll say one thing for now: the honeymoon is definitely over (and more importantly, we all still like each other).

(And I'll say another thing just because I can: I think I'm as excited for Christmas break as the kids are, which is saying quite a lot.)

month four.

veteran's day = day off work/3 day weekend. too much grad school nonsense. watching harry potter 7: part 1 & 2. foley's for kateleigh's birthday. listening to meatloaf and skipping. st. c's. the aquarium.

happy birthday, kateleigh!

simmons info session. inspiration wall. thanksgiving prep at casserly. theology on tap + the occupy movement. analyzing ourselves. dating lessons. epic target and old navy trip. 75% off. pour house + people watching. bll nightcap's at foley's. more awkward realizations. st. c's. watching the town. spiritual direction at the arboretum.

spinach cheese casserole. casserly house thankgiving prayer service: we give thanks. most chaotic and stressful afternoon ever. thanksgiving dinner with peter. thanksgiving break (!!!). sleeping in. grad school apps. sweet potato, lentil, and spinach soup. lunch at women's lunch place. tamales. apple pie with dave and "the dave" at foley's. volunteering at wlp. sneaking in snacks to the descendents. "crazy friday nights" (but not really). roslindale christmas tree lighting. bromance. the purple shamrock. st. c's. "you just got pope-d." discovering pavement coffeehouse.

not actually our tree. or house.

nostalgia and freaking myself out. slow days at casserly. new volunteers. advent spirituality night. advent small group. seeing jim martin speak at bc. visiting st. stephen's + flour. second visit to pavement in a week. christmas decorating + cookie baking with sarah. advent mass.

vegetable pot pie. spirit animals. advent group. one-on-ones at jp licks. dinner at flour. holiday pops. philly prep. 12 hour car rides. philly cheese steaks & napping in abby's car. phillies navidad and all of the ridiculous that goes along with jvc parties. jvc reunions. dancing dancing dancing. dunkaccinos and angry drivers.

philly christmas party

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  1. I love that so many of your memories include food :) And of course, "dancing, dancing, dancing!"