Friday, November 11, 2011

month three.

Month three of JVC will be remembered as, among many other things, the month when I (finally) started taking more pictures. Also, for much fall-related celebrating, the Cardinal's winning the World Series, some milestones at Casserly (as well as my first work-related breakdown), and much more.

As of today, I'm 1/4 of the way through this year, and I can feel it. I'm nowhere close yet to the end, but I definitely think this is the end of the beginning. With more questions than ever in my mind, I'm hoping I can continue to embrace this experience with a spirit of openness in the coming months... and we'll see what comes out of it. Anyway, without any further rambling, here's some of my memories from the past few weeks:

spinach lasagna. the examin. a lesson about rice. challenges. cardinal's games. 375 at harvard yard. muddy jeans and destroyed flats. pumpkin spice-chai lattes from starbucks. awkward t rides. shorts and tights. spiritual direction at bc. boston book fair. reading at trident cafe. costello's tavern. apple picking. arboretum afternoons. mass at st. cecelia's.

more personality tests: infj. surprise parties at casserly. theology on tap. ricotta and spinach pie. 7-way google hangouts to watch the card's game with some of my favorite people. sandwiches at al's. head of the charles. jp lantern festival. cardinal's games at foley's. awkward realizations. st. cecelia's.

"being the boss" at casserly house. community time. funfetti cookies. lentil and potato pot pie. jvc recruiter visits. first snowflakes. most epic baseball game ever. sleep deprivation. regis halloween party. being nervous. 11 in '11 for the stl cardinals. sleeping in. snowtober. failed trips to newark for jvc halloween. mass by myself at st. cecelia's. finishing books at starbucks. vegetarian food festival. house pumpkin carving + photoshoots.

halloween. $2 burritos from chipotle and thrown-together cow costumes. the kitchen floor drama. mexican casserole (FINALLY). all saint's day. my life with the saints. a rough week at casserly asp. the runaway. nights in. apple cinnamon bread. saturday mornings at forest hills cemetery. flu shots. grad school apps at jp licks. foley's. falling back. st. cecelia's.

extreme highs and lows at casserly house. first work-related emotional breakdown. hand turkeys and being thankful. some of the best news ever for one of the esol students. pizza and a pint. kateleigh's birthday. 4 day week/3 day weekend (thankfully). a new favorite bookstore: brookline booksmith. 11/11/11 (!!!).

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