Sunday, March 11, 2012

month seven.

So, I'm now officially seven months through this crazy journey of JVC, and the most surreal part (at least the most surreal part today) is that I spent a large part of the afternoon talking to potential JVs for next year, ie. the people who will possibly be my replacement (the "new Megan" just like I was/am the "new Amanda"). It was almost exactly one year ago today that I was exactly in their shoes: interviewing with placements (while on spring break no less!) and trying to sort through this whole process.

I've come a long way since then... but I'm not done yet. I've still got a lot of learning left to do, and while it's sometimes tempting to put myself on autopilot, I don't want to coast through the rest of this experience. It deserves more than that. I deserve more than that. Most importantly, the people I walk with deserve more than that.

The conversations I've had recently about Casserly and JVC as a whole have reminded me of why I love what I'm doing and why I'm here, which is a good reality check, because that's something I feel like I've lost lately in the day-to-day mundane business of life. It is a blessing and privilege to be here, even when I don't see or feel it.

And in closing, it's good that it's almost spring. Happy Daylight Saving's Time. As Florence & The Machine says, it's always darkest before the dawn, after all.

month seven.

boston movie day: the departed. district attorney visits to Casserly House. valentine's day craziness. chocolate covered strawberries. the cold that wouldn't end. fundraising workshops. many, many meetings. theology untapped. jvc staff visits part 2.

our president's day party; bobby kennedy, jackie o, an intern, & teddy roosevelt.

jvc weekend visitors. too much public transportation. bc hockey game. feeling really inappropriate. the purple cactus. partying like the presidents as jackie o. remember the titans. afternoons at the common. mass at st. cecelia's. president's day off work. exploring cambridge. toscanini's. infinity scarves.

brown butter brown sugar brownie from toscanini's in cambridge. so good.

february break. beignets and king's cake. ash wednesday. journaling every day. science projects. lots of library books. st. cecelia's. pavement. bridesmaid dresses. jp licks with sarah. dinner with drew and trisha. no more facebook.

hillary's visit. some thoughts on lent. st. patty's invites. one-on-one. dinner at the dogwood. abby's parents visit. really bad movies. brunch. target. dinner at bread co. glitter nail polish. the pour house/foley's. being overdramatic. st. cecelia's.

s. nancy's vacation/no after school. being the boss and getting better at it. game night. lots of new volunteers. community reflection time + prayer partner beginnings. call me maybe. speakers at the bpl. the laziest weekend ever. buying my plane ticket home for april. becoming addicted to the vampire diaries. daylights saving time. spiritual direction.

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