Friday, April 27, 2012

airports & times of transition.

This is the third time in two weeks that I have been at Logan International Airport: to St. Louis and back for a week, and now to Washington, DC for a long weekend. I'm one of those people who actually like airports, mainly for the people watching. Airports also seem particularly appropriate for my state of mind at the moment: we're all just passing through; this is not our destination, just a quick--but necessary--stop on the journey.

At this point in my life, I feel like I am constantly going through periods of transition: from college to JVC to life after JVC and all of the questions that that holds. And I wonder what is permanent throughout it all. What is my final destination? Where do I call home?

At this point, so much of who I am is still wrapped up in the journey, the adventure, the chase. There's still a lot out there, and still so much that I haven't seen or done. The part of me that revels in the feeling of buying a last minute bus ticket, packing a backpack, and setting out somewhere new still outweighs the part of me that wants to be settled down, even though that part of me certainly exists too.

While there are a lot of reasons why I did JVC, one of them was this search for adventure that goes far beyond just geography. And that's something I will continue to ponder over the next few months in particular as I try to figure out these next steps (that hopefully do not involve the "adventure" of being unemployed, eek!).

Have a great weekend, friends. I have a plane to catch!

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  1. How exciting to not know what lays before you in life! Embrace this time in your life...before you know it you will really be an adult :) (Yes, I am still reading your blog, Megan!)