Sunday, May 15, 2011

just another sunday.

Today is the last day I will spend studying and writing papers for a very long time. Tomorrow, I take my last final and turn in my last research paper of my undergraduate career. All of the stacks of books, mountains of research, hundreds of pages of writing, and hours of class have come down to this: one last Sunday spent studying. This is the homestretch. I'm almost done with undergrad. In less than a week, I graduate and begin the process of saying goodbye to SLU and the past four years.

Over the past four years, my college life has settled into a routine. There are certain things that have been predictable about my weeks: APO Chapter on Tuesday nights in Kelly Auditorium, Mass on Sunday nights in College Church, Penny Pitchers at Humphrey's on Wednesdays, CLC once a week, Friday Lunch Club, and weekend evenings spent wandering up and down Laclede Street. These activities have been some of my constants over the past few years and they have provided my college life with a schedule and sort of rhythm that I have come to know and love.

And Sundays, well, Sundays are dedicated to comfortable clothes and stacks of books as I begin to prepare for the coming week. So as I take on this final day of studying, it seems only fitting that I do it in accordance with how I have spend the last four years. Sure, my roommate and I spent the morning at The Mud House rather than staying on our comfortable couch, but the thought's the same. (Pictured: The Mud House's veggie breakfast sandwich. SO GOOD.)

I've neglected this blog lately in the midst of end of the semester busyness, but I think I've also been struggling with writing about where I am these days because frankly, I'm not sure. I'm always a pretty emotional person, but the last week or so has been rough as I've attempted to understand myself and be honest about where I am and what I'm feeling. With graduation just around the corner, I'm going to keep trying, so in the meantime bear with me as I sort through the mess of emotions.

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