Monday, June 27, 2011

recent wanderings.

So, my blog has been neglected the past few weeks. And it's not because I don't have anything to say because let's be honest--I always have something to say.

Summer doesn't seem like it's really started yet in someways, which I suppose is appropriate for my current state in life: I'm just somewhere in between. Between being an undergrad and being a Jesuit Volunteer. Between being a kid and being an adult. But that's what the people tell me being a twenty-something is all about.

My days have been mostly been taken up by working, driving on country roads, reading lots of books, and attempting to organize the chaos my material possessions have become over the past 4 years, while my nights have been taken up by cooking with my parents, hanging out with friends, going on runs and riding my bike (while admiring Missouri's beautiful sunsets). And I've been squeezing in visits to St. Louis every week or so to see my SLU friends that are around.

It's really nice to be home. College has made me appreciate small town life in ways I would have never predicted. It's good to have a few more months here before I head off to Bean Town in August. Life is good...even as I spend my days reveling in the in-between.

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