Saturday, January 21, 2012

month five: part two.

So belated, but I do this for for a record for myself, right? The weeks leading up to Christmas were honestly such a blur of Christmas preparations at Casserly House, getting ready to go home, and finishing grad school applications that I don't have much that's exciting to report... and then being at home was more wonderful then I can say.

month five.

more christmas prep. advent group. friday night crafts. christmas shopping. fjv potluck + foley's. life advice. gift exchange: picture frames, deliciousness, pictures, bro cds. dinner with cristo rey + elf. las posadas. casserly christmas. unexpected gifts. advent group. finally flying home. 

missouri. pville. family christmas's. sleepovers. reunions with so many of my favorite people and my favorite places. remembering all of the reasons why I love STL. meeting baby annie. NYE with Kate.

home--sadly, this is a real sign.

flying back to boston. arriving back at the taj & settling back in. first week back at work. footloose. last minute trip to hang out with the portland jvs. popcorn machine. live like you're mayan. gatorade. finishing + submitting two grad school applications.


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