Sunday, July 1, 2012

school's out for the summer.

After School is over. After School is over. Forever. (Well, for me at least.)

In fact, it has been for a few weeks, but I have been so busy preparing for our summer camp that I haven't had much time to process that I'm actually done. My main work-related responsibility for the year has ended. It's over. I finished. I did it. And that is such a bizarre feeling. There were days when I never thought I would get here... but by the grace of God, I did.

Honestly, the end of After School was so bittersweet. I got kind of emotional talking to the kids on the last day. Yes, I still have camp with most of them, and many of them stop by so often that I sometimes forget that the program is officially over... but it's still not quite the same.

So, I'm still very busy, but it's a different kind of busy. My whole rhythm at work has completely changed now that summer is really here.

To answer everyone's questions about what I am doing in the meantime: in short, a LOT. As mentioned, I have been preparing for and helping execute a two week summer camp for the kids that will happen July 9-20 (which I am really excited about!). I have also been continuing with my other duties, ie. helping with ESOL, keeping track of donations and writing thank you notes, updating the website/Facebook, and getting things ready for next year's JV.

I wish I had some more conclusive thoughts about the end of After School, but at this point my thought process basically goes something like this: "It's over... some how. Let's get through camp, and then I'll think about it."

I can't believe how close to the end I am. Wow.

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