Tuesday, October 11, 2011

month two.

Month one went fast, but month two was faster. I can't believe I'm already writing this post. Month one was all about transition; month two was about settling in.

During the beginning of the past month, I met with a spiritual director for the first time in Boston. As part of our session, she suggested that I spent the time until our next meeting reflecting on a scripture passage, specifically this passage and the question, "What are you looking for?" I've had the passage running through my mind ever since, and thus am using it to sort my experiences for the past month.

they heard Him speak.
first day/week of after school program. meeting and loving the kids. saying goodbye to eileen. conquering dried beans. bean burritos. greek festival. free concert at the esplanade. jp licks. meeting my spiritual director. john 1:35-39. mass at st. ignatius and young adult group meet and greet.

why yes, that is jvc spelled out in cheese it's.

and they followed Him.
first red sox game. ridiculous questions. wonderful students. two boxes from mom. spaghetti with tomato sauce. modern family. birthday suits. an hour wait at a bus stop. theology on tap. the beginning of fall. realizations. running the esol program by myself and teaching two classes at the same time. baking red velvet cupcakes. cristina's birthday. portland and hartford visits. jvc fenway fundraiser. open bar. thirty baseballs. foleys with portland and general ridiculousness. mass at the paulist center.

jvc fenway fundraiser.

and He said to them, "what are you looking for?"
teaching, teaching, teaching. busy schedules. creamy spinach pasta. getting hit by a bike. black bean soup + cornbread. glee and the biggest "small" calzone i've ever seen. running casserly house by myself for real. parent's visit. freedom trail. sam adams at sam adam's grave. north end pastries. breakfast at a greek restaurant. local food festival. exploring jp + forest hills. cardinal's game at foley's. failed mad men parties. mass (and dogs!) at st. cecelia's. oktoberfest in harvard square. parker house hotel. lots of wandering and a couple "see you later's."

with my parents at the public garden.
arnold arboretum.

"come, and you will see."
a long, tiring week. casserly house board meeting. baked potato soup + irish soda bread. nights in. red october and lots of time on mlb.com gameday. arboretum tour [photo to the left taken at the arborteum]. journal writing. self-care. baking more bread. greek festival: take two. magner's at galway house. st. cecelia's. community day at the public garden. mission statements and diads. zumba on the balcony. new (to me) mattress. hillary's arrival. day of reflection at the jes res. community as a gift (because it is). one-on-one at jp licks. pc visit to casserly house. community night playing spoons.

community day at the public garden.

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