Thursday, April 21, 2011

things i love thursday.

While there have been a lot of really great things about the past week (my final APO formal, Relay for Life, finishing a draft of my seminar paper, etc.), all I really want to talk about right now is the present moment. And at the present moment, I am at home in my own bed--where I will be sleeping for the next four nights in a row.

Because sometimes a girl just needs to be at home. I need to be in my car, sunglasses on, eyes on the the interstate, and country music on the radio. I need the familiar curving, country highways lined with trees and rolling hills that trace my path back to the place I know better than any other. I need evenings eating ice cream with my best friend and nights spent talking to my parents. I need curling up in my queen-sized bed and catching up on Glee before I go to sleep (without setting an alarm).

So today, I just really, really love Easter Break, and I'm so thankful for this precious time with friends and family.

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